Source code for antivirus

#! /usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Interpreter version: python 2.7
AMQP interface used by `edeposit.amqp <>`_
# Imports =====================================================================
import antivirus
import structures

# Functions & objects =========================================================
def _instanceof(instance, cls):
    Check type of `instance` by matching ``.__name__`` with `cls.__name__`.
    return type(instance).__name__ == cls.__name__

# Main function ===============================================================
[docs]def reactToAMQPMessage(message, send_back): """ React to given (AMQP) message. `message` is expected to be :py:func:`collections.namedtuple` structure from :mod:`.structures` filled with all necessary data. Args: message (object): One of the request objects defined in :mod:`.structures`. send_back (fn reference): Reference to function for responding. This is useful for progress monitoring for example. Function takes one parameter, which may be response structure/namedtuple, or string or whatever would be normally returned. Returns: object: Response class from :mod:`structures`. Raises: ValueError: if bad type of `message` structure is given. """ if _instanceof(message, structures.ScanFile): result = antivirus.save_and_scan( message.filename, message.b64_data ) return structures.ScanResult(message.filename, result) elif _instanceof(message, structures.UpdateDatabase): return structures.DatabaseUpdated( antivirus.update_database() ) raise ValueError( "Unknown type of request: '" + str(type(message)) + "'!" )