Source code for antivirus.structures

#! /usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Interpreter version: python 2.7
Definitions of the communication structures used in edeposit.amqp.antivirus
# Imports =====================================================================
from collections import namedtuple

# Requests ====================================================================
[docs]class ScanFile(namedtuple("ScanFile", ["filename", "b64_data"])): """ Request to scan file. Args: filename (str): Path of the file at your system. It will be used in result structure. b64_data (str): Base64 encoded content of the file. Returns: object: :class:`ScanResult` """ pass
[docs]class UpdateDatabase(namedtuple("UpdateDatabase", [])): """ Request to update clamav database (= to run ``freshclam`` program). Returns: object: :class:`DatabaseUpdated` """ pass # Responses ===================================================================
[docs]class ScanResult(namedtuple("ScanResult", ["filename", "result"])): """ Result of the file scan. Args: filename (str): Name of the file as was specified in :class:`ScanFile` request. result (dict): Dictionary in following format: :: { "local_path": ("RESULT", "TYPE") } Where `RESULT` is "FOUND" or string like that and `TYPE` is name of the malware. Note: When no malware is found, :attr:`result` is blank dict. """ pass
[docs]class DatabaseUpdated(namedtuple("DatabaseUpdated", ["log"])): """ Response to :class:`UpdateDatabase`. Attr: log (str): Log of the ``freshclam`` run. """ pass